Event Pricing

Event Session Fees

Event session fees are based on the duration and complexity of the shooting conditions. Extensive administrative considerations may also factor into the rate for events. Below are starting prices for event photography, but to get a better estimate, please send me a message with event details.

1-hour Event

Starting at $175

2-hour Event

Starting at $325

3-hour Event

Starting at $500

Print packages are not included in event session fees, as clients tend to have a wide-ranging need for the event's photographs. Print packages are available for a fee (see below for more information). 

For wedding prices, please visit the wedding pricing page for more information.

Work-for-hire is available as well (see terms and conditions page for definitions). Contact me directly to discuss details and get a quote.

Additional Photographer

In some cases, it may be beneficial at large or high profile events to have more than one photographer. Adding a second photographer results in more pictures taken from more perspectives. Additionally, the second photographer can function as an assistant for certain shooting situations. To inquire about an additional photographer, please contact me directly.

Event Print Packages

Events are often made up of several differing parts, and thus result in a wide variety final images. The event packages below are intended to provide the client with several prints covering the wide variety of an event. PORTRAIT PRINT PACKAGES and WEDDING PRINT PACKAGES are also available to event session clients. Portrait print packages generally offer fewer prints, while wedding print packages offer a wider variety of sizes on the whole. Of course, if no package size matches your needs, a la carte pricing is available through the event gallery on the SmugMug site.

Event Base Package (E1)


  • Six 4x6
  • Six 5x7
  • Two 8x10

5% discount from a la carte prices

Event Choice Package (E2)


  • Eight 4x6
  • Eight 5x7
  • Four 8x10
  • One 11x14

10% discount from a la carte prices

Event Prime Package (E3)


  • Twelve 4x6
  • Twelve 5x7
  • Six 8x10
  • Two 11x14
  • One 16x20
  • One 8x8, 20-page, flush-mount album

15% discount from a la carte prices


Direct downloads of individual images or entire galleries for personal use are available on the SmugMug site. Downloads of images for commercial use can be bundled with event session fees. Contact me directly to ask about bundling downloads and image rights of commercial-use photos.

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions page for more information about fees, payments, and purchases, as well as my policies on photo editing, images rights, releases, and more.