The Photographer

Who am i?

My name is Zachary Hazelwood. I was born in Cartersville, Georgia, but I have been a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana since 2009. I am a photographer...and much more. I am a father and a husband, a music theorist and a composer, a director of operations and an events manager. Most of my life has been spent in the arts. I spent my college years studying music theory, composition, and education. I have degrees from Louisiana State University (PhD), University of South Carolina (MM), and Jacksonville State University (BA), all in music. After completing my college education, I naturally began working in college administration as the director of operations, events manager, and as an instructor. All along, photography has been a hobby and passion of mine. As my photography has grown beyond work for family and friends to now businesses and clients, what was once a hobby has now grown into somewhat of a business venture. And, I must say, it has been a blast! As an artist, I enjoy the creativity and skill needed to be a good photographer. Getting into finer details of an photograph is something that soothes my inner-analyst nature, which some simply call OCD. All kidding aside, what I enjoy most about photography is that I get to make people feel good. I get to be part of the experience of capturing the moment, making the memory, and creating something tangible that has the power to bring back all of that so many years later.

What is my style?

As much as I might like to think of myself as some creative artist with my camera, I always come back to the idea of being a photojournalist of sorts. I want to capture the real moment, the real emotion. In retouching photos, I have always aimed for subtly and restraint in making beautiful images that are natural. As a photographer, one of my primary goals is to document the scene. There is plenty of creative license for sure, but I prefer to minimize my interference, capturing the moments as naturally as possible. Genuine emotion is something that just cannot be "photoshopped" into the image later.

What kind of gear do I use?

I started digital photography as a young teenager (yes, that was many moons ago) with a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD88, a camera that recorded a dozen or so 1.3-megapixel images to 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB floppy disk drives (ask your grandparents about those sometime). That was some time ago. Needless to say, as I have grown older and my taste (and insatiable need for) newer, nicer gear has matured as well. I currently shoot with professional, full-frame Nikon camera bodies and lenses. While my gear allows me to capture images of amazing detail and quality in very low light, when appropriate, I sometimes supplement subject lighting to get the image as good in camera as I can.