Portrait Photography

Portraiture is photography where people are the focus of the image. Portrait photography comes in a variety of types and styles. There are many special occasions and milestones in life that one may wish to chronicle with portraits. See more about the various types of portraiture services I provide.

Professional & Corporate Headshots

Headshots are portraits that are close ups, often used for websites or other personnel listings. These images accompany bios, applications, and other professional documents well.

Senior & Graduation protraits

Graduation from high school, college, or professional studies, as well as the final year leading up to the big moment are special moments to remember.

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Baby & Children photos

Time flies by and little ones grow quickly. It is important to capture these moments to cherish for years to come. Photos of milestone moments throughout these formative years allow one to compare times in a person's life and see in just a few images a lifetime of memories.

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Candid & Family portraits

There are tons or reasons besides professional or milestone moments to capture portraits.  Sometimes, it is fun just to get friends together and take photos. Other times, you may just want to have a nice family picture to place on the wall or above the fireplace.

Portrait Session and Package Prices

Check out my general portrait session and package prices. If the session structures or prices do not fit what you have in mind for your session, contact me to see what we can work out.