Restoration Pricing

Restoration work on photos ranges in complexity of work needed and the time needed to complete the work. Because complexity results in more time, restoration work is based on the time needed to complete the work.

1st Hour of Restoration Work


Each Additional Quarter Hour


There is a one-hour minimum charge on all restoration work. Each additional quarter-hour is $10. For multiple-image projects, each image is billed as a separate project. Large projects can be packaged together. For work on 3 or more images at a time or for large projects that may take more than 5 hours, please contact me to get a quote.

Example Project Timeframes

Each project is unique, however, to give you a better idea of how to estimate the project budget, below are some examples of how long the project will take and the corresponding fees based on the rates above.

Correct Color of slightly faded images

1 hour = $50

Remove several minor scratches from image

1.5 hours = $70

Repair image several Small Abrasions

2 hours = $90

Fix Detail Contrast in Faded Image

2.5 hours = $110 

Repair moderate scratches and small tears

3 hours = $130

Composite Image Fragments from severely Torn Picture

4 hours = $170

Process Overview

  1. Scan image at high resolution (see instructions here) and send digital image for restoration evaluation and estimate.
  2. Restoration work begins once client accepts quote.
  3. Receive proof and pay if approved.
  4. After payment, receive the restored image.

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions page for more information about fees, payments, and purchases, as well as my policies on photo editing, images rights, releases, and more.