Wedding Pricing

Wedding Day Photography Fees

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Some clients prefer to have a photographer at only the wedding ceremony itself, while others prefer to capture all of the moments leading up to the ceremony through reception. That is why my wedding day photography rates are based on the duration that the photographer is on site that day. This gives you the flexibility to chose what you would like to have photographed and how much you want to pay. The rates below represent sample times, however, times can be custom-fitted to your wedding-day plans.

4-hour wedding Session

Starting at $1000

8-hour Wedding Session

Starting at $1800

12-hour wedding Session

Starting at $2700

While wedding sessions contain elements of both portrait and event sessions, they are more complex. Weddings sessions usually result in much higher numbers of photos. The wedding rates include the time on site, as well as the editing necessary to produce the final images. An engangement photography session can be packaged together with a wedding session for a reduced fee.  Please contact me to get more information on the rates. If you would like to book a wedding or get a more accurate rate for your specific wedding plans, please contact me.  I'll be happy to take a look at your plans and help you.

Additional Photographer

In many cases, it is very beneficial to have a second photographer. A second photographer functions as an assistant during formal pictures, but also helps capture more pictures from different perspectives during ceremonies. During ceremonies, receptions, and other parts of the day, while one photographer is busy capturing the traditional pictures, the other photographer can take casual pictures of the family and guests. Such pictures are great for the bride, groom, and family, who are usually very busy on the wedding day. 

Wedding Print Packages

The wedding packages packages below are intended to provide the client with a moderate to large quantity of prints in a variety of sizes. PORTRAIT PRINT PACKAGES and EVENT PRINT PACKAGES are available to wedding photography clients. Portrait print packages generally offer fewer prints in a limited size range, while event print packages offer a larger number of prints in a limited size range on the whole. Of course, if no package size matches your needs, a la carte pricing is available through the event gallery on the SmugMug site.

WEDDING Basic Package (W1)


  • Four 4x6
  • Four 5x7
  • Two 8x10
  • One 11x14
  • One 16x20

5% discount from a la carte prices

WEDDING Select Package (W2)


  • Six 4x6
  • Six 5x7
  • Three 8x10
  • One 11x14 wrapped canvas
  • One 8x8, 20-page, flush-mount album

10% discount from a la carte prices

WEDDING Elite Package (W3)


  • Eight 4x6
  • Eight 5x7
  • Four 8x10
  • One 11x14
  • One 16x20 Wrapped Canvas
  • One 8x8, 20-page, flush-mount album
  • Two parent albums

15% discount from a la carte prices


Direct downloads of individual images or entire galleries for personal use are available on the SmugMug site.

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions page for more information about fees, payments, and purchases, as well as my policies on photo editing, images rights, releases, and more.